A study of glycoproteins in human serum and plasma reference standards HUPO using multilectin affinity chromatography coupled with Rplcmsms

Ziping Yang, William S. Hancock, Tori Richmond Chew and Leo Bonilla

The glycoproteome is a major subproteome present in human plasma. In this study, we isolated and characterized approximately 150 glycoproteins from the human plasma and serum samples provided by HUPO using a multilectin affinity column. The corresponding tryptic digest was separated by RP-HPLC coupled to an IT mass spectrometer (3-D LCQ). Also in this study, a new system, namely an Ettan MDLC system coupled to a linear ITLTQ, was compared with the previous LCQ platform and gave a greater number of protein identifications, as well as better quality. When we compared the composition of the glycoproteomes for the plasma and serum samples there was a close correlation between the samples, except for the absence of fibrinogen from the identified-protein list in the latter sample, which was presumably as a result of the clotting process. In addition, the analysis of the samples from three ethnic specimens, Caucasian American, Asian American, and African American, were very similar but showed a higher angiotensino-gen plasma level and a lower histidine-rich glycoprotein level in Caucasian American samples, and a lower vitronectin level in African American blood samples.

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