Reference specimens

Reference specimens were prepared by BD Diagnostics, NIBSC, and CAMS [8]. BD prepared three different specimens (designated BDAA, BDAF, and BDCA), each a pool from a male and female donor, in four different ways - as serum, as plasma anticoagulated with sodium citrate, as plasma anticoagulated with K-EDTA, and as plasma anticoagulated with lithium heparin - resulting in 12 different samples. CAMS prepared one specimen, pooled from a male and a female donor, with the four methods. The NIBSC made available its Thrombosis and Hemostasis standard, a lyo-philized citrate-anticoagulated-plasma [8]. The samples were shipped frozen on dry ice to the four sites. The receiving sites were not blinded to the sample types. Dade Behring (DB) received all the specimens, Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) received the three BD specimen sets, and the later participants Genomics Institute of the Novartis Foundation (GNF) and Molecular Staging (MSI) received the BDAA, BDAF, CAMS, and NIBSC and the BDAA, BDAF, and NIBSC specimen sets, respectively

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