Serumplasma collection

Human serum (BDCA02-SERUM) and plasma (BDCA02-HEP) were provided from the HUPO Specimen Collection and Handling Committee (BD Preanalytical Solutions, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA). Sample collection and handling were performed as previously described [17]. Additional normal human serum and plasma were collected with full participant consent from a single healthy donor at the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA. For serum samples, blood was collected by venipuncture into BD Vacutainer serum separation tubes (SST), allowed to clot on ice for 30min, centrifuged at 1300 x g for 10min at 4°C after which serum was pooled, aliquoted, and snap-frozen within 60min of collection, and stored at —80°C. Plasma samples were collected into BD Vacutainer plasma separation tubes (PST) coated with lithium heparin anticoagulant, centrifuged as above within 30min of collection, pooled, aliquoted, and frozen for storage at — 80°C. The total protein concentrations of plasma and serum samples were estimated using a BCA Protein Assay (Pierce Chemical, Rockford, IL, USA).

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