Carbon Dioxide

Blood-CO2 equilibrium (or dissociation) curves are nonlinear, but they have a different shape and position than O2-blood equilibrium curves. Figure 4 shows how blood holds more CO2 than O2 and this is, in part, because CO2 is carried by blood in three forms (see later discussion). Also, the blood CO2 equilibrium curve is steeper than the O2 curve. This results in a smaller range of PCO2 values in the body, compared with the range of Po2 values, although the differences between arterial and venous concentrations are similar for CO2 and O2 (about 5 mL/dL of blood). The resulting physiologic CO2 dissociation curve between the arterial and venous points is much more linear than the physiologic O2 dissociation curve (Fig. 4).

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