Dianna A Johnson

Structure of the Eye 808 Specialized Features of Rod and Cone

Photoreceptors 809 Phototransduction Cascade 810 Retinal Processing 812 ON and OFF Channels of Visual Information 813 Center Versus Surround Receptive Fields 815 Magnocellular and Parvocellular Pathways 815 Central Visual Pathways 815 Left and Right Visual Hemifields 817 Retinal Projections to the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus 820 The Visual Cortex 820

Cortical Ocular Dominance Columns 820 Orientation-Specific Columns and

Color-Specific Blobs 821 Higher Visual Processing 821 Color Vision 821 Photopigments of Cones 821 Color-Opponent Pathways 824 The Oculomotor System 826

Cranial Nerve Innervations of Eye Muscles 826 Intrinsic Muscles of the Eye 827 Accommodation Reflex (Near Reflex) 828 Pupillary Light Reflex 828

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