Pao2 Pao2 Fe-co2

V o2

Concentration or content (mL/dL or mmol/L) Diffusing capacity (mLo2/(min. • mmHg) Fractional concentration in dry gas (dimensionless) Gas pressure or partial pressure (mmHg or cm H2O) Blood flow or perfusion (L/min) Respiratory exchange ratio (dimensionless) Respiratory quotient (dimensionless) Temperature (°C) Gas volume (L or mL) Ventilation (L/min)

Alveolar gas Barometric Dead space gas Expired gas Mixed-expired gas Inspired gas

Lung or transpulmonary

Tidal gas


Chest wall



Transrespiratory system (total system)

Arterial blood

Blood (general)

Capillary blood

End-capillary blood


Venous blood Mixed-venous blood

Partial pressure of O2 in alveolar gas Partial pressure of O2 in arterial blood Fraction of CO2 in dry mixed, expired gas O2 consumption per unit time Ventilation of the alveoli per unit time environment affect maximal O2 consumption, equivalent to the maximum capacity for aerobic exercise in a healthy individual. Maximal O2 consumption for the whole body starts to decrease at relatively high levels of O2, in comparison with mitochondria. Isolated mitochondria can continue to function until O2 levels decrease to almost zero, whereas whole-body O2 consumption is limited when environmental O2 decreases only 25%. This is not an artifact of the in vitro methods used to measure mitochondrial O2 consumption, but a consequence of the decrease in O2 levels occurring at each step in the O2 transport chain. A healthy respiratory system functions to preserve high O2 levels at each step in the transport chain.

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