Normal growth requires secretion of glucocorticoids, the widespread effects of which promote optimal function of a variety of organ systems (see Chapter 40), a sense of health and well-being, and normal appetite. Glucocorticoids are required for synthesis of GH and have complex effects on GH secretion. When given acutely, they may enhance GH gene transcription and increase responsiveness of somatotropes to GHRH. However, GH secretion is reduced by excessive gluco-corticoids, probably as a result of increased somatosta-tin production. Consistent with their catabolic effects in muscle and lymphoid tissues, glucocorticoids also antagonize the actions of GH. Hypophysectomized rats grew less in response to GH when cortisone was given simultaneously (Fig. 18). Glucocorticoids similarly blunt the response to GH administered to hypopituitary children. The cellular mechanisms for this antagonism are not yet understand. IGF-I production may be reduced by treatment with glucocorticoids,

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