Maurice Goodman

Overview 738

Female Reproductive Tract 738 Ovaries 738 Folliculogenesis 739 Oviducts and Uterus 742

Ovarian Hormones 742 Estrogens 742 Progesterone 743 Inhibin 743 Relaxin 743

Effects of Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone 743 Estradiol Production 744 Follicular Development 745 Cellular Actions 746 Ovulation 747

Corpus Luteum Formation 747 Oocyte Maturation 747 Corpus Luteal Function 748 Ovarian Blood Flow 748 Physiological Actions of Ovarian Steroid Hormones 748

Effects on the Reproductive Tract 749 Menstruation 749

Effects on the Mammary Glands 750 Other Effects of Ovarian Hormones 750 Mechanism of Action 751 Regulation of the Reproductive Cycle 751

Pattern of Hormones in Blood During Ovarian Cycle 752 Regulation of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone and

Luteinizing Hormone Secretion 753 Timing of Reproductive Cycles 755

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