Plasma Glucose Concentration (mg/dL)

FIGURE 13 Glucose handling by the kidney. The rates of filtration, excretion, and reabsorption of glucose are plotted as a function of the plasma glucose concentration. It is assumed that the GFR remains constant at 130 mL/min so that the rate of glucose filtration rises linearly with the plasma glucose concentration (see Chapter 25, Eq. [6]). Up to a plasma glucose concentration of 200 mg/ dL, the rate of reabsorption equals the rate of filtration, and thus there is no glucose excretion. Above this plasma glucose concentration (referred to as the plasma threshold), the excretion rate begins to rise, and the reabsorptive rate plateaus at a transport maximum (Tm) of approximately 375 mg/mm. Splay refers to the gradual increase in excretion and gradual plateauing of reabsorption as the plasma glucose concentration rises above the renal plasma threshold.

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