PA at these volumes, so more positive Ppl are needed to drive expiratory flow. Any increase in Ppl tends to collapse the airways more, and makes expiratory flow independent of effort at low lung volumes. Lung compliance will influence dynamic compression by a similar mechanism. If compliance is increased by lung disease, the lungs have less elastic recoil to generate the positive PA needed to drive expiratory flow.

Finally, increased airway resistance can increase dynamic compression by causing larger gradients in pressure inside the airways. Large peripheral airway resistance will tend to move the equal pressure point closer to the alveoli. This exacerbates dynamic compression because peripheral airways have weaker walls and are more likely to collapse. Therefore, two mechanisms contribute to increased dynamic compression and limited maximal expiratory flow in patients with obstructive diseases like emphysema. Lung tissue damage increases lung compliance and airway obstruction increases airway resistance. In contrast, dynamic compression is not such a problem in the restrictive diseases like fibrosis. Maximum expiratory flow is maintained, if it is normalized for the reduction in lung volumes, in patients with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. Recall that this disease reduces lung compliance, so the airways are less likely to collapse.

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