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Time of Day

FIGURE 2 Changes in hormone concentrations in blood may follow different patterns. (A) Hourly rhythm of LH secretion. (From Yamaji et al, Endocrinology 1972;90:771.) (B) Daily rhythm in testosterone secretion. (From Bremer et al., J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1983;56:1278.) (C) Episodic secretion of prolactin. (From Hwang et al., Proc Natl AcadSci USA, 1971; 68:1902.)

serial measurements of hormones before a diagnosis of a hyper- or hypofunctional state can be confirmed. Endocrine disease occurs when the concentration of hormone in blood is inappropriate for the physiologic situation rather than because the absolute amounts in blood are high or low.

Measurement of Hormones

Whether for the purpose of diagnosing a patient's disease, monitoring therapy, or research to gain understanding of normal physiology, it is often necessary to measure how much hormone is present in some biologic fluid. Chemical detection of hormones in blood is difficult. With the exception of the thyroid hormones, which contain large amounts of iodine, there is no unique chemistry that sets hormones apart from other bodily constituents. Furthermore, hormones circulate in

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