Interactions Of Lymph Flow And Interstitial Forces During Periods Of Enhanced Capillary Filtration

From the preceding discussion it is evident that the direction and magnitude of fluid movement across the capillary wall is determined by the balance of hydrostatic and oncotic forces that are exerted on this membrane. As illustrated in Fig. 6A, the balance of these forces across a typical resting capillary is such that a small (0.2 mm Hg) NFP exists. However, the small NFP is sufficient to generate a capillary fluid flow (Jv) of 0.02 mL/min (derived from the product of Kf and NFP). This low rate of capillary filtration is matched by an equal rate of lymph flow from the tissue and, consequently, the interstitial fluid volume remains constant at a normal level. If, however, the capillary hydrostatic pressure is suddenly increased by 10 mm Hg because of intense arteriolar dilation, the balance of forces across the capillary wall and lymph flow is dramatically altered (Fig. 6B). The rise in Pc results in an instantaneous and comparable increase in NFP. However, as fluid rapidly enters the interstitial compartment, interstitial volume increases, which in turn causes Pif to rise and interstitial oncotic pressure to fall (because of dilution of interstitial proteins by filtered water). The elevated Pif serves to drive the capillary filtrate into the lymphatics and produce an 18-fold increase in lymph flow. The ultimate impact of these adjustments in Pif and nif is an attenuated increase in the net filtration pressure and the creation of a new steady state, wherein the interstitium is slightly more hydrated and lymph flow continues to drain the interstitial fluid at a rate equal to the elevated capillary filtration rate. This condition will continue as long as capillary pressure remains elevated. Once capillary pressure returns to its normal value, the elevated lymph flow will remove the excess capillary filtrate and interstitial volume will be eventually restored to its original value.

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