JAK, see Janus kinase JAK2, see Janus kinase 2 James-Lange theory, 899 Janus kinase hormone receptor association, 31f signal transduction, 28 Janus kinase 2, 704 Jaundice, 525

JG cells, see Juxtaglomerular cells Joints, sensory receptors, 795-796 J point, 197

J-receptors, see Juxtacapillary receptors Jugular veins, 943

Junctional complexes affecting factors, 379f epithelial cells, 371, 373f Juxtacapillary receptors, reflexes, 326 Juxtaglomerular apparatus characteristics, 337 kidney, 333 Juxtaglomerular cells angiotensin II production, 353f blood pressure control, 232 renin-angiotensin system, 352 renin secretion, 430-431 Juxtamedullary nephrons characteristics, 336 kidney, 333

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