James M Downey

The Heart Is an Example of a Reciprocating

Pump 202 Cardiac Cycle 202 Pressures within the

Cardiovascular System 203 Heart Sounds 204 Frank-Starling Relationship 205 Pressure-Volume Relationships in the Ventricle 206 An Ejection Loop Can Be Plotted on the Pressure versus

Volume Graph 207 Stroke Volume Can Be Calculated from the Ejection

Loop 207 Factors That Affect Stroke Volume 208 Contractility 208

Venous Filling Pressure 208 Aortic Pressure 208 Diastolic Compliance 209 Auxotonic Beat 209 Coordination between the Left and Right

Ventricles 209 Assessment of Contractility 210 Ventricular Function Curve 210 Velocity-Related Indices of Contractility 211 Ejection Fraction 211

End-Systolic Pressure-Volume Relationship 212 Law of LaPlace 212

Systolic Pressure-Volume Area Predicts the Oxygen Consumption of the Heart 213

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