James M Downey

Action Potentials Create Extracellular Voltages 188 The Thorax Acts as a Volume Conductor 188 Deflections in the ECG Correspond to Electrical Events in the Heart 189 Segments are Voltages and Intervals are Times 190 Attaching the Electrodes to the Patient 191 Vectors can be Determined from the Limb Leads 191 The Normal Axis is in the Lower Left Quadrant 194 Unipolar Leads are Used to Explore the Chest 194 Augmented Limb Leads Provide Three More Limb Leads 194

Diseases can Affect the Mean Electrical Axis 195

Myocardial Ischemia Produces a Current of Injury 197

The Electrocardiogram can Detect Changes in the

Heart's Rhythm 197 Depressed Conduction Through the Atrioventricular

Node Causes Heart Blocks 198 An Accessory Pathway can Shorten the PR

Interval 198 Ectopic Foci Cause Premature Contractions of the

Heart 199 Electrical Impulses can Reenter to Cause Fibrillation 199

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