James M Downey

Venous Pressure Is a Major Determinant of Cardiac Output 216

Venous Pressure Is Reciprocally Related to Arterial Pressure 216

Venous Capacitance Is Much Larger Than Arterial

Capacitance 217 The Relationship between Cardiac Output and Venous

Pressure Is Termed the Vascular Function Curve 217 Periphery Interacts with the Heart through Changes in Venous Pressure 218 Cardiac Output Can Be Changed Only by Altering Either the Cardiac or the Venous Function Curve 218

Effect of Changing Contractility 218 Effect of Changing Blood Volume 219 Effect of Changing Venous Tone 219 Effect of Changing Arteriolar Tone 220 Interthoracic Pressure Affects the Cardiac Function Curve 221

Right Heart and Left Heart Pump as One Unit 221 Heart Rate Affects Cardiac Output in a Triphasic

Manner 221 Regulation of Cardiac Output 222

Exercise Moves Both the Cardiac and Ventricular Function Curves 223 Conclusion 223

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