James M Downey

Heart Failure 942

Elevated Venous Pressure: The Cardinal Sign of Heart Failure 942 Estimation of Venous Pressure 943 Compensations in Heart Failure 943 The Dilated Heart 944

Hypertrophy of the Heart Invariably Leads to Failure 944 Hypertrophy Is an Inappropriate Response to an Elevated Workload 944 Treatment of the Failing Heart 945

Circulatory Shock 946

Shock Is Caused by an Inadequate Cardiac Output 946 The Causes of Circulatory Shock Are Many 946 Circulatory Shock Is Progressive 946 Blood Pressure Is an Unreliable Indicator of the Shock State 947 The Body Tries To Defend the Heart and the Brain 947 Fluid Resuscitation Has Become the Mainstay of Therapy for Shock 947 Specific Forms of Shock 948

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