James M Downey

Historical Perspective 158 Overview of the Cardiovascular System 158 Hydrostatics: The Physics of Fluid at Rest 159 Hydrodynamics: The Physics of Fluid in Motion 160 Relationship Between Pressure and Velocity 160 Resistance to Flow 161

Fluid Flowing in Tubes is Described by Ohm's Law 163 Resistance in Series and Parallel Circuits 164 Blood is not a Newtonian Fluid 165 Blood Vessels do not Behave as Rigid Tubes 166

Pressures and Resistances in the Cardiovascular System 168

Pressure Differs in each Vessel Type 168 Arterial Pressure is Pulsatile 169 Forces in the Blood Vessel Wall 171 Distribution of Flow and Volume in the Vascular System 171

Gravity Creates Hydrostatic Columns Within the Cardiovascular System 172

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