Leonard R Johnson

Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscle 480 Structure of Smooth Muscle Cells 480 Smooth Muscle Contraction 480 Swallowing 481 Chewing 481 Pharyngeal Phase 482 Movement of Material through the Esophagus 482

Receptive Relaxation of the Stomach 485 Gastric Motility 486

Structure and Innervation of the Stomach 486 Motility of the Orad Area 487 Motility of the Caudad Area 487

Gastric Emptying 488 Small Intestinal Motility 489

Structure and Innervation of the Small Intestine 489 Movements of the Small Intestine 489 Control of Small Intestinal Motility 490 Vomiting 491 Large Intestinal Motility 492

Structure and Innervation of the Large Intestine 492 Motility of the Cecum and Proximal Colon 492 Motility of the Descending and Sigmoid Colon 493 Motility of the Rectum and Anal Canal 493 Control of Large Intestinal Motility 494

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