Leonard R Johnson

Introduction 498 Salivary Secretion 498 Functions of Saliva 499

Anatomy and Innervation of the Salivary Glands 499 Composition of Saliva 500 Regulation of Salivary Gland Secretion 502 Gastric Secretion 502

Functional Anatomy of the Stomach 503 Electrolytes of Gastric Juice 505 Acid Secretory Process 505 Stimulants of Acid Secretion 506 Stimulation of Acid Secretion 507 Regulation of Gastrin Release 509 Inhibition of Acid Secretion 509 Pepsin 510

Mucus 511 Intrinsic Factor 511 Acid Secretion and Serum Gastrin 512 Pancreatic Secretion 514

Functional Anatomy of the Pancreas 514 Aqueous Component of Pancreatic Secretion 514 Enzymatic Component of Pancreatic Secretion 515 Regulation of Secretion 517 Molecular Basis for Potentiation 519 Bile Secretion and Gall Bladder Function 520 Overview of the Biliary System 521 Organic Constituents of Bile 521 Secretion of Bile 523 Gall Bladder Function 526 Summary of Control Mechanisms 528

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