Normal Variations Of Body Temperature

The human is an example of a homeotherm, that is, an animal that maintains a constant, elevated body temperature. The advantage of this regulation is that the body temperature is always near the optimal level for cellular biochemical reactions, thus the overall activity level of the organism can be optimal, regardless of the ambient (environmental) temperature. The drawback is the energy expenditure that is required to maintain a higher body temperature when the ambient temperature is low.

''Normal'' body temperature varies slightly among individuals, as well as in the same individual at different times and under different physiologic circumstances. The usual range of normal temperature is 36.2 to 37.8°C (97 to 100°F) when measured rectally and about 0.2 to 0.5°C lower when measured orally. Body temperature shows a diurnal variation of approximately 0.6°C; it is lowest in the early morning just before rising (especially in cold weather) and reaches a maximum in the early evening. Menstruating women have a further monthly variation. The body temperature shows a slight elevation (0.2 to 0.5°C) at the time of ovulation and remains elevated during the second half of the menstrual period. Finally, during hard exercise the body temperature may rise by as much as 2 to 3°C, and even emotional stress may elevate the temperature by up to 2° C.

Even when the body is nude, body temperature can be maintained within the normal range over an environmental temperature range of 10 to 55°C (50 to 130°F) if the air is dry. (Dry air maximizes evaporative heat loss at hot temperatures and minimizes conductive heat loss at low temperatures.) Outside this range, if unprotected, the body loses its regulatory capabilities, and body temperature can approach lethal levels.

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