Origin Of Our Milieu Interieur

There is good evidence that our predecessors, the protovertebrates or prochordates, migrated from the seas into brackish or fresh water during the Cambrian period, almost 500 million years ago. During that migration, which lasted some 200 million years, they "locked" within themselves a fluid similar in composition to that of the seas from which they emerged. Some of these early vertebrates returned to the oceans, which had become saltier; others stayed in brackish or fresh water; and still others chose to live on land. But, regardless of their final habitats, the "sea" within all vertebrates is remarkably similar in ionic composition to the salinity of the Cambrian seas from which they emerged. This sea that bathes all cells is rich in Na+ and Cl", in contrast with the intracellular fluid, which, in all living forms including microorganisms, is rich in K+ and poor in Na+ and Cl".

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