Oxygen In Blood

Normal O2 concentration in arterial blood (Cao2) is about 20 mL/dL. (The usual units for O2 and CO2 concentration in blood are mL/dL, also called volume %; 1 mL/dL 0.45 mmol/L.) However, only 0.3 mL/dL is physically dissolved gas; normal arterial Po2 (Pao2) is 100 mm Hg and the physical solubility of O2 in blood is 0.003 mL/(dL • mm Hg) at 37°C. If arterial blood contained only dissolved O2, then cardiac output would have to be 100 L/min to deliver enough O2 to the tissues for a normal metabolic rate of 300 mL O2/min! Hemoglobin increases O2 concentration in blood so a cardiac output of only 6 L/min is sufficient for resting metabolic demands.

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Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

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