Pulmonary Gas Exchange


Physiologic Mechanism of Oxygen Transport 300

Some General Principles of Gas Exchange 300 Alveolar Ventilation 301

Alveolar Ventilation Equation Predicts Paco2 301 Physiologic Dead Space 301 Alveolar Gas Equation Predicts Pao2 302 Diffusion 302

Pathway for Oxygen 303

Po2 Changes along the Pulmonary Capillary 304 Diffusion- and Perfusion-Limited Gases 305 Measures of Diffusing Capacity 305

Cardiovascular and Tissue Oxygen Transport 306 Cardiovascular Oxygen Transport 306 Tissue Gas Exchange 307 Limitations of Pulmonary Gas Exchange 307 Hypoventilation 308 Diffusion Limitations 308 Shunts 308

Ventilation-Perfusion Mismatching 309 Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio 309 Va/Q Mismatching between Different Alveoli 310 Carbon Dioxide Exchange 312

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