Another substance that is frequently employed to measure plasma volume is a dye, Evan's blue dye or T-1824, which binds avidly to serum albumin and can be determined colorimetrically.

Finally, one can employ the same principle to determine the volume of red cells in the plasma using red cells that have been labeled with chromium-51. In this case, an amount of chromium-labeled red cells is injected intravenously, but instead of counting the plasma collected after 1 hour, one discards the plasma and determines the concentration of chromium-51 in the packed red cells. This provides a measure of the

FIGURE 5 Principles underlying the measurement of (A) plasma volume, (B) extracellular fluid volume, and (C) total body water.

total volume of red blood cells in the circulation. Then, knowing the hematocrit, one can determine the total PV.

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