Stanley G Schultz

Homeostasis: The Subject of Physiology 4

Origin of Our Milieu Interieur 4

Living Things Are Open Systems 4

Body Fluid Compartments and Their Contacts with the Outside World 4 Ionic Composition of the Major

Fluid Compartments 5 Body Fluid Osmolarity and pH 6 Measuring the Sizes of the Body Fluid Compartments 6 Plasma Volume 6 Extracellular Fluid Volume 8

Total Body Water 8 Interstitial and Intracellular Fluid Compartments 8 Alterations in Body Fluid Compartments 8 Dehydration 8

Infusion of 2 L of Isotonic Saline

(150 mmol/L NaCl) 9 Infusion of Isotonic Urea (300 mmol/L) 9 Rapid Infusion of Pure Water 9 Ingestion of 100 g of NaCl Tablets 9 Infusion of Isosmotic Saline (NaCl) Solution

Containing 20% Albumin 9 Infusion of Isosmotic (5%) Glucose Solution 9

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