The Vestibulocerebellum

The vestibulocerebellum represents a second functional division of the cerebellum. Also called the archicerebel-lum, it is considered the phylogenetically oldest portion of the cerebellum, and it encompasses a relatively small proportion of the main structure. It resides in the floc-culonodular lobe, separated from the body of the cerebellum by the posterolateral fissure. This division is involved in a relatively simple motor loop formed by reciprocal innervation with vestibular nuclei. The vestibulocerebel-lum acts as an adjunct to the vestibular nuclei by modifying their output to the spinal cord and their control of postural adjustments to gravity. This is the only cerebel-lar output that makes no relay within deep cerebellar nuclei. The vestibular nuclei themselves are functionally analogous to the deep cerebellar nuclei, so there is no relay of the Purkinje cell output through nuclei in the cerebellum.

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