U, see Uracil Ubiquitin, 17

Ubiquitin-proteosome proteolytic pathway, 17

UCP, see Uncoupling proteins UF, see Urine flow Ultrafiltration definition, 343 plasma, 344 Ultrafiltration coefficient definition, 343-344 filtration barrier, 352 glomerular filtration, 347 renal nerves, 357 Ultrasound, 840 Ultraviolet light, 679 Umami, 857

Uncharged solute diffusion, 44 Unconditioned stimulus, 909 Uncoupling proteins temperature regulation, 601 thyroid hormones, 599 Unipolar leads, chest exploration, 194

Unitary smooth muscle excitation, 140 Unstressed volume, 167, 217 Upper airways collapse prevention, 324 defense mechanisms, 273 reflexes, 324 Upper esophageal sphincter, 483-484 Upper motor neurons, 861 Upregulation receptors, 21 Uracil, 13-14 Urate, 389-390 Urea nephron reabsorption, 420f recycling, 419-420 Ureogenesis definition, 640 glucagon action, 643 Ureter, 333

Ureterovesicular valve, 338 Urethra, 722 Urinary tract calculi, 339 Urinary tract infection, 341 Urine ammonium excretion, 455f and arterial pressure, 233f diabetes insipidus, 420-421 dilution ability, 421-422 dilution without vasopressin, 411f medullary concentration, 421-422 vasopressin levels, 410f Urine flow, 382-383 Urine osmolality, 391 Urobilinogen, 525 Urodilatin, 432

US, see Unconditioned stimulus

Uterine cervix, 742

Uterus blood flow during pregnancy, 956-957 characteristics, 742 structure, 742f UTI, see Urinary tract infection Utricle characteristics, 833-835 function, 831 structure, 836f

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