Wakefulness, 322 Water absorption, 548, 552f, 552-553 bile secretion, 525-526 excretion in hypervolemia, 435f flux across salivon, 501f hydration shell, 52f impermeability in distal convoluted tubule, 392

insensible loss, 5

intake-output balance, 5f intestinal secretion, 553-555

pure, rapid infusion, 9

quantity to drink, 408

reabsorption in proximal tubule, 377f reabsorption in thin descending limb, 393f vapor pressure, respiratory system, 263 Weber's syndrome, 830 Weight loss, 645 Wheals, 244 Wilhelmy balance, 281f Wipe reflex, 872 Withdrawal reflex, 872, 911f Wolffian ducts, 719, 728 Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, 198 Workload, in hypertrophy, 944-945

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