Failure of the ventilation system is the classic reason for respiratory disease. Seasonal variations put tremendous pressure on the ventilation system, which fails particularly at the turn of the seasons. Managing the ventilation system requires assessment of the air variations over time with reference to the temperature, humidity, gas pollutants (NH3, CO2, CO, H2S), dust and type of endotoxins.

Fig. 3 Environmental management directly impacts the health of pigs. The photograph shows water that is difficult to obtain, a feeder that is too short, broken flooring, and dirty fans that reduce air flow in a building. All of these and other problems directly compromise pig health.

All buildings should be designed to provide adequate living zones for the pigs for sleeping, eating and drinking, exercise, and dunging. The building engineers should ensure that the building works before and during pig occupancy. When failures are discovered, they should have rational improvements that can resolve the situation. Poor building orientation, particularly in cross-flow ventilation buildings, results in drafts, creating poor pig respiratory health and increased vices that necessitate tail docking to control the situation. Preweaning diarrhea is often associated with drafts and chilling of the neonatal piglet.

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