Being A Good Neighbor

Minimizing the challenges of the urban and rural interface can be aided if the individuals sharing this common boundary agree to be good neighbors.[3-5] This attitude is needed by both the farmers and the rural residents. Each party needs to make efforts to get to know each other, to keep their properties neat and clean (i.e., take pride in an attractive community), to accept that they are a community, and to develop respect for each other. The farmer needs to take the responsibility for sharing good will in the community, promptly cleaning up spills on the roads, using management practices to minimize environmental risks, and providing opportunities for the residents to understand their production enterprise and the food production system. Rural residents need to take the responsibility to ask questions about the agricultural enterprise, to not trespass on the farmer's property, and to know the proper manner in which to file complaints about an animal operation. Realtors and communities are working together in some areas to educate people about country living before they purchase a house in a rural community.[6]

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