Boer goat

The Boer goat of South Africa was derived principally from Hottentot stock that inhabited the semiarid country north of the Cape Peninsula.[3] It tends to show the Roman nose and long ears of the Nubian, weighing up to 90 kg for bucks and 60 kg for does. Since the 1920s, much effort has gone into improvement through selective breeding for meat production. There is a preferred color pattern of reddish-brown head and neck, with white body and legs.[6]

The Boer goat was introduced into the United States in 1993. The growth and carcass characteristics of the Boer were appreciated by goat producers and, as a result, many producers started grading up their stock to the Boer. This has resulted in the decline in numbers of purebred Spanish, Angora, and Tennessee Stiff-Legged goats.

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