Breed Development

Despite the large number of diverse breeds that are available to livestock producers, there continues to be interest in developing new breeds. Each new breed is, of course, developed for somewhat unique reasons using highly individual methods. One example of breed development was that used by many of the developers of the Brahman-derivative breeds of cattle. Several of those breeds are 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 of the British or European breed. Such a breed could be developed using the following procedure:

Step 4 inter se matings.

Inter se matings are matings among individuals with common background. Although one could technically claim development of a new breed after one generation of inter se mating, generally generations of inter se matings combined with selection to establish type, color pattern, etc., would yield a result that could be called a breed. It is very important, when pursuing development of a new breed, to start with a large population of foundation animals and to keep the population size large in order to avoid damage caused by inbreeding and genetic drift.

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