A breed is an interbreeding population within a livestock species. There are several breeds of goats. The literature is replete with references to their origins[1,2] and their descriptions,1-3-6-1 and Mason[7] has provided a dictionary listing different goat breeds or types. The agriculturalist might prefer a classification based on products such as meat, milk, fiber, and skin. All goats, however, produce these products to a greater or lesser extent. International conferences on goats have been held since 1982 (Tucson, Arizona, 1982;[8] Brasilia, Brazil, 1987;[9] New Delhi, India, 1992;[10] Beijing, China, 1996;[11] Tours, France, 2000[12]). Conference proceedings provide invaluable resources on goat production from around the world. The October 1980 issue of the Journal of Dairy Science [Vol. 63(10)] was devoted to dairy goats. The International Goat Research Center at Prairie View A&M University recently hosted a scientific conference on goats that consolidated current goat research knowledge.[13]

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