Calendar Of Operations

In Texas, Angora does are bred in October to kid in March. Two to three weeks before and after males are introduced (one male to 20 25 does), does may be supplemented nutritionally to enhance ovulation rates. Throughout winter, range and forage conditions are evaluated in conjunction with the body condition of does so that a timely decision on required supplementation can be made. Also, internal parasites are monitored so the goats can be treated with anthelmintics after first frost, when fecal egg counts indicate treatment is warranted. Does are sheared just before kidding, a practice that seems to encourage them to seek out a sheltered place in which to give birth. In range flocks, kids typically remain with their dams until weaning in August, when the kids are sheared for the first time. Replacement selections are made from the 18-month-old does and males at this time, and older animals are inspected for possible culling. A few weeks after shearing, all animals may be treated for external parasites with prescribed pesticides.

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