Competition for land in rapidly developing regions can lead to land use patterns at the rural urban interface that result in costly conflicts and policy dilemmas. Land use incompatibility problems and conflicts can be generally categorized as arising from two basic sources. The first is urban-to-rural migration, where new rural residents bring with them expectations and unfamiliarity with farming and rural life.[1] In the second case, industrialization of farming practices or marketing methods have changed farming technologies or business practices, leading to new third-party effects such as water degradation, noise, or odors.[5] In reality, land use problems are more complex than either of these two cases. Therefore, it is useful to take a broader approach to identify the true dimensions of the problem before intervening.[8] A number of different public policy strategies are available to prevent or reduce rural urban conflict. Despite the availability of these tools, agricultural/rural issues remain, and with the advent of a more industrialized food system a critical public policy issue has emerged in many regions of the United States.[5,6]

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