Products coming from meat animal by-products have a profound effect on the everyday life of the average U.S. citizen. They provide clotting items, sporting equipment, and items that stabilize certain foods. They also can enhance the nutritional quality of these foods. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on byproducts to produce items that are used for medical purposes or to assist in chemical reactions that produce products that can benefit humans, from both health and aesthetic standpoints.

By-products provide a number of variety meats for human consumption or for the manufacturing of value added food items, which again benefit the consumer nutritionally. Animal fats, whether edible or inedible, provide a vast array of items that are also beneficial. Some of these products are consumed directly and some are used in the manufacturing of various nonfood items that are used daily by a large majority of the U.S. population.

Without meat animal by-products, the health, nutrition, and lifestyle of the average U.S. citizen would be greatly different, and the life expectancy of our population could be adversely affected. Therefore, by-products from the meat industry are necessary for both the common as well as the affluent lifestyle that we in the United States enjoy today.

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