Conclusionrecent Advances In Spermatogenesis

Basic research in the area of spermatogenesis has led to a number of exciting breakthroughs over the past decade. Among these are the discovery that spermatogonial stem cells harvested from mouse testes can be transplanted into the seminiferous tubules of a recipient male with initiation of spermatogenesis by the donor cells in the recipient testis.[7] Also, testis tissue from a variety of species can be grafted subcutaneously into immunologically tolerant mice and support complete spermatogenesis in the ectopic site.[8] Spermatogenesis in vitro remains an elusive goal, but some progress has been achieved at least through meiosis.[9] These advances will contribute to a better understanding of spermatogenesis in vivo, improvements in male fertility, and approaches to genetically modifying the male germ line.

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