p-agonists that have been approved as feed ingredients for livestock feeds have been shown to benefit the producer, the packer, the processor, the consumer, and the environment.[4-7] The development and use of p-agonists have the potential to impact all aspects of the meat and livestock industries. Producers will be able to raise livestock more efficiently, meat packers will have higher-yielding carcasses, and meat processors will have the opportunity to more efficiently develop new low-fat meat products.[7] In addition, consumers will benefit from products with reduced cholesterol[13] and reduced calories. Finally, the use of p-agonist lean enhancing agents will provide environmental benefits. Less land will be required to produce the feedstuffs needed for the meat that is consumed, and the greater nitrogen retention in the animal for lean tissue growth will result in less nitrogen excreted as waste.[14] p-agonist lean enhancing agents that are demonstrated to be safe and efficacious will provide the meat industry with a powerful tool to aid in the production of health-conscious meat products.

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