Deep Pit Storage Systems

In areas where winter temperatures make liquid flush or pit-recharge systems impractical, waste is collected and stored under the slatted floors of the pens. In these systems, pits of depth about 6 feet are installed. Waste is allowed to accumulate for at least 6 months and up to 12 months, when it is pumped out and applied to the land (cropland on the same farm). Waste in these systems usually has a solid content of 3 6%, depending on the watering system and wastage. In these systems, there is no supplemental storage or treatment site. The pit allows some anaerobic treatment to take place.

While ventilation is a major consideration in all confinement operations, those with deep pits must have careful attention. Ventilation is normally set to draw air downward through the slatted floor and to exit the building via fans located in the pit wall. This prevents escape of potentially toxic gases from the pit into the buildings.

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