Determining Which Dna Tests To Use In

Commercial availability of a substantial number of DNA tests is a prerequisite for MAS to have a major impact on livestock breeding. However, this variety of tests implies that breeders, breed associations, and organizations that conduct genetic evaluations must decide which DNA tests are most profitable or productive for inclusion in their respective genetic improvement programs. Factors that should be considered in the decision are: amount of evidence that the effect of the test is real (not a statistical artifact), the magnitude of the effect, the frequencies of the major alleles, the percentage of genetic variation accounted for by the test, and the degree of dominance. Together, these factors determine the potential for genetic improvement and the rate at which that improvement could occur. Ideally, the above information would be estimated from animals of the breed(s) in which the test would be applied. Effects on all available traits should be reported. It is unlikely that a gene would affect only one trait, in spite of the current trend to label commercial DNA tests as being associated with only one trait.

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