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Because chickens primarily consume feed to satisfy their energy needs, most nutrients are adjusted to maintain a certain ratio to dietary energy. Approximately 70% of the cost of a broiler diet is associated with providing the energy needs, so establishing the most economical energy level of the diet is important. Factors that affect this include the grain source used and the availability of supplemental fats and oils. Maize contains more energy than other cereal grains due to its lower content of crude fiber and higher levels of oil. The availability of inedible fats and oils from animal rendering and processing of vegetable oils for human consumption enables their use in most U.S. broiler diets at levels ranging from 2% to 5%. Broiler diets in the United States range from approximately 3000 to 3300 ME kcal/kg. Nutritionists should evaluate price and availability of feedstuffs and develop diets containing energy levels that are appropriate for local conditions.

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