Digital Pressure or Massage

Pressure applied to the end of the penis is the most common collection technique for swine and poultry. The primary stimulus for mounting behavior in boars is an object that resembles an immobile sow, and the primary stimulus for ejaculation is pressure on the end of the penis. Therefore, most boars can be trained to mount a bench called a collection dummy, or dummy sow. After mounting, boars will begin to thrust forward until the penis protrudes from the sheath. Manual pressure is applied by grasping the tip of the penis with a gloved hand. The pressure on the tip of the penis mimics cervical contractions during natural mating and results in full extension of the penis and ejaculation. In male birds, the cloaca is the exit for the reproductive system and contains small nipple-like projections called papillae. Collection of semen is achieved by massaging the papillae. The area surrounding the vent is massaged while simultaneously stroking the back. These actions stimulate a spinal reflex arc that causes the male to become aroused sexually and causes the papillae to become erect. Once erect, the papillae are gently massaged until ejaculation occurs.

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