Discovery Development And Deployment Of Diagnostics

Methods for discovering diagnostics exploit the information generated through research in physical genomics for many animals and their pathogens. The strategy is to search genome-wide for the appropriate molecules that form the basis for development of the diagnostics.1-5-1

The conceptual framework for development of the diagnostics incorporates epidemiological considerations. Selection of candidate molecules for further development is based upon genomic information, followed by the evaluation of fitness to function as a diagnostic. The availability of diagnostics and the accompanying services is determined largely by considerations of cost of the test and returns to the investment made in their development. This, in turn, depends on the purpose for which the diagnosis is performed.

The availability of accurate and user-friendly diagnostics usable at the point of care encourages the keeping of only the most productive animals, provided that commensurate disease intervention options are also available. This discourages overstocking, spares the fragile environment, and improves the welfare of animals and their owners. For general animal health care, the diagnostics available should be suitable for use by veterinarians, extension workers, and technicians operating in individual country laboratories, regional laboratories, and commercial laboratories.

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