Distribution And Numbers

Dromedaries, uniquely adapted to hot and dry climates, are found in about 35 countries from the east of India to the west of Senegal and from the south of Kenya to the north of Turkey, with an estimated global population of 17.7 million in 2002. There are around 6.2 million dromedaries in Somalia, where they are the main livestock sources of milk and meat.[7] A feral dromedary population was established in Australia after 1928 following importations from Africa and Asia.

Domestic Bactrian camels are found in the desert steppes of Central Asian countries, in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and northern Pakistan and India, overlapping to varying degrees with dromedaries, and further eastward to southern Russia, and down to northwestern China and western Mongolia. The total population is about 0.82 million, of which 0.35 million were in Mongolia and 0.28 million in China by 2002.[7]

Llamas and alpacas are found in Andean semidesert rangelands at altitudes of 3800 5000 m for llamas and 3500 5000 m for alpacas in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Argentina. Additionally, Columbia has a few llamas. The total population of llamas and alpacas is about 3.8 million, respectively.1-6,7-1

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