Environment Management

The environment to which birds are exposed light intensity, dust, atmospheric ammonia, high temperature, low temperature, feed availability, water availability, space allotments, etc. significantly affects layer health and productivity. Poor productivity due to environmental problems is often mistakenly believed to be infectious disease-related. Detailed record keeping of environment-related inputs is essential for troubleshooting in these cases. For example, a very commonly seen situation in chain feeder-fed houses is the difference in feed availability and quality near the source of the feed and at the end of the feeder. This difference results in marked mortality increases and egg production losses in the cages near the end of the feeder line.

Microclimates in small areas of a house are often responsible for poor egg production or an increase in mortality. For example, air inlets that are not open sufficiently result in warmer, poorly ventilated zones. Light coming in from fans without light traps in the pit of a high-rise house will result in a higher rate of mortality from peckouts in the affected rows of cages.

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