Equids Horses And Their Relatives

The horse lineage diverged from the pig lineage about 80 MYA.[9] PGs synthesized by the early conceptus induce the muscular contractions that propel it from the oviduct into the uterus. The equine conceptus is unusual in that it expands spherically rather than elongating and does not assume a stationary position in the uterus until about day 18.[13] Prior to this stage, it migrates through the uterine lumen 12 to 14 times a day. Endometrial PGF2a is the trigger for luteolysis, but there is no firm evidence for either production of an IFN or a luteoprotective role of estrogen.[13] PGE2 production by the conceptus and uterus increases during this period and may play a role in CL maintenance. If the migration of the conceptus through the uterine lumen is physically prevented, the CL is not protected. Thus, intrauterine migration of the conceptus and possibly its direct contact with the uterine epithelium of both uterine horns is directly implicated in the suppression of luteolytic pulses of PGF2a.

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