Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is when the energy in the form of heat is used to evaporate water, resulting in air temperature cooling. Evaporative cooling systems are divided into two groups: fogging systems and pad systems. Fogging systems are found in naturally ventilated houses while pad systems are exclusively in tunnel-ventilated houses.

A typical fogging system found in a curtain/naturally ventilated house will have polyvinyl chloride (PCV) pipe with 10 fogging nozzles for every 1000 ft2. A booster pump is used to pump water through the system at 100 200 pounds per square inch, resulting in a fine water vapor that evaporates quickly, which removes heat from the air without wetting the floors. Fogging systems are effective in reducing air temperature, but when not used correctly, the water will not evaporate and wet litter problems sometimes result.

A typical pad evaporative cooling system includes a PVC pipe with small holes placed above the pads in a shroud that directs the water pumped through the holes onto the top of the pad. The water flows down the pad into a gutter. The gutter collects the water and funnels it into a storage tank. A pump in the tank pumps the water back into the PVC pipe over the pad where the process is repeated. The advantages of any type of pad system are that they get the water out of the house and produce more cooling with less mess and maintenance than traditional fogging systems. Houses with pad systems tend to stay cleaner and because the equipment in houses with pad systems stays drier, it may last longer.

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