Feed And Water Management

Providing almost constant access to feed and water is an important factor in raising broilers. Feed is stored outside of the house in large bins. When needed, the feed is pulled into the house using an auger or chain system and distributed throughout the house. Feed pans are filled automatically as the feed moves down the house through auger tubes. During the first week, extra feed pans are provided to ensure that the young chicks learn where to find feed and to start eating. Many farms place these extra feed pans between the automatic pans where drop tubes are available to fill these pans automatically. Water is provided through an enclosed drinking system. The bird obtains water by pushing on a metal pin that will allow water to be released and consumed. Water pressure has to be monitored. Too much water pressure may prevent the chick from being able to push the pin and get water and may also result in excessive leaks. In a typical flock, the water pressure will start off low and will increase as the bird ages.

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