Fish Meals and Fish Solubles

Fish meals are produced from fish caught specifically for making meals such as anchovy, herring, and menhaden or from the residues remaining after processing fish mostly for human consumption. Whitefish meal is produced from whitefish or whitefish waste. Fish meals are high in protein and indispensable AA and a good source of most vitamins and minerals. However, fish meal produced from degraded raw material is of low quality and can be toxic to animals because of high histamine concentrations.1-11-1 Feeding fish meal may result in the development of a fish-like odor in final products. Fish solubles are by-products of the fish canning and fish oil industries. After centrifuging to remove the oil, the remaining fraction can be condensed or dried to make solubles. Fish solubles contain high-quality protein and are an excellent source of the B vitamins.

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